Document Management

Greenfield IT makes it easy to manage both internal documentation and the documentation of your vendors, and helps you track and manage your IT assets. If the thought of more paperwork makes you cringe, let Greenfield IT help aggregate and manage your IT documentation.

Importance of IT Documentation

Having up-to-date and comprehensive IT documentation is important for any business, as it gives you back control of your organisation (many businesses feel that they are held hostage by their IT company as they are required to give admin access to key infrastructure services like websites/DNS, firewalls and domains).

IT documentation allows you to collect IT knowledge and processes while providing your business with providence of your information (i.e. access to your IT systems are not owned or controlled by the IT provider and should not be withheld). However, many business owners would prefer to be getting on with the operations of their business rather than documenting their IT systems. IT documentation can be time-consuming, confusing and daunting, and often you may not even know where to start. That’s where Greenfield IT’s Documentation services can help.